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Dr. Roger Jones

Dr. Roger Jones has been practicing in the Sherwood Park area since 1984. He utilizes a unique approach by blending the latest in scientific methods with a true holistic view of healing.


Dr. Jones has served as the Communications Director for the College of Chiropractor’s of Alberta and been involved with various government health committees. He has lectured extensively and written numerous magazine and newspaper articles on natural approaches to health and wellness.


Dr. Jones has broad post-graduate training including: ART (Active Release Techniques), chiropractic orthopedics, TMJ, whiplash and sports injury management, nutrition and rehabilitation. He provides safe, gentle and effective care for a wide range of patients from the small child with postural concerns, to the elite athlete, to his oldest patient who is 96 years old. He recognizes that we are all unique and what works for one person may not work for the next.


His motto is “the best treatment is the one that works for you.”



Dr. Yafa Elseri


Dr. Elseri commenced her path to becoming a chiropractor by graduating from the University of Alberta in 2006 with a Bachelors of Science degree and following graduation, moved to sunny San Jose California where she obtained her Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Palmer College of Chiropractic (Palmer West) in 2009.


At Palmer West, Dr. Elseri was a member of Sports Council, where she volunteered at many sporting events helping athletes with their injuries and others to perform to their maximum potential by incorporating chiropractic adjusting as well as soft tissue therapies which she believes is an integral part of proper spinal biomechanics. Dr. Elseri also voluntarily provided chiropractic care to patients in outreach clinics including Salvation Army Rehabilitation Clinic and the Emergency Housing Consortium Chiropractic Clinic, both located in San Jose, California. By witnessing the patients gratitude and relief from chiropractic care at these clinics in California Dr. Elseri decided to travel across the world with the Palmer Clinic Abroad Program to Agadir, Morocco to once again volunteer and provide chiropractic care alongside another 50 students at a local Hospital for the Moroccan people.


“As a doctor of chiropractic I am very grateful to get the opportunity to make a positive difference in the lives of others every day” Dr. Elseri.



Dr. Craig Breckenridge


Dr. Craig Breckenridge grew up in Sherwood Park, Alberta where he graduated with honors from Bev Facey Community High School. Craig participated on the cross country team in high school and was actively involved in the dancing community for 17 years. After high school, he attended the University of Alberta and obtained a Bachelor’s of Science degree in biological sciences. Dr. Breckenridge then moved to Portland, Oregon where he completed his Doctor of Chiropractic degree at the prestigious University of Western States (UWS), the same university that Dr. Roger Jones attended.


While attending UWS, Dr. Breckenridge was an active member in the Student American Chiropractic Association (SACA) as well as in adjusting clubs to enhance his techniques. He volunteered and provided chiropractic services for low income demographics at the downtown UWS Portland Clinic as well as volunteered at out-reach events for rehabilitation populations around the Portland area.


Dr. Breckenridge's model of patient care is to treat the whole patient to improve their overall health & wellness. He practices diversified technique including: gentle spinal and extra-spinal manipulation, Active Release Techniques (ART), Activator, sports rehabilitation, Functional and Kinetic Treatment with Rehab (similar to Graston), and Rock Tape. Dr. Breckenridge aims to provide an efficient, effective, and patient-oriented treatment plan to obtain maximum therapeutic benefits for his patients.




Dr. Michael Robinson


Dr. Michael Robinson has recently moved to the Edmonton area after practicing in Grande Prairie for 2 years.  He graduated from Palmer in Davenport, Iowa prior to that, including a 3-month preceptorship in Portland Oregon.  His training in Davenport exposed him to a variety of techniques and approaches to the effect that he has a number of different tools for helping people towards wellness.


 Dr. Robinson has a Certification in Professional Applied Kinesiology from the International College of Applied Kinesiology.  This includes, among other things, an understanding of muscle release and activation techniques, gentle adjusting techniques, and a willingness to listen to the patient’s body to provide right amount of help at the right time. 



Alyssa McConnell, Massage Therapist


Alyssa graduated from Grant MacEwan University  with 2200 hours and is registered with the Remedial Massage Therapists Association. She is looking forward to being a part of a multidisciplinary clinic and adapting her treatment to suit your needs. Alyssa has a background in cheerleading as an athlete and as a coach, and has an extensive knowledge of cheerleading injuries and injury prevention.


Alyssa offers relaxation massage, therapeutic massage, prenatal massage, trigger point therapy, lymphatic drainage and a variety of other techniques to ease your aches and pains. As with all our therapists, she consults regularly with our doctors to help determine the best approach for you. She has flexible, convenient hours that include some evenings and two Saturdays per month.



Monique McCardle, Massage Therapist


Monique completed her 2200hr remedial massage therapy training at MH Vicars School of Massage. She has also completed course work at Grant MacEwan University in nursing with a focus on mental health. This education and experience has inspired her to utilize her skills as an avenue to aid in achieving better mental and physical well-being for her clients. Always looking to expand her knowledge and skill, she enjoys attending various workshops. She has additional training as a Reiki Practitioner and is a member in good standing with the Natural Health Practitioner’s Association.



Janelle Rozema, Massage Therapist


Janelle Rozema is a new addition to the team here at Brentwood Chiropractic Clinic.  Janelle graduated from Briercrest College with her BA in Sports and Recreation and then continued her education at the Wholistic Health Training and Research Center with a  2200 hour Massage Therapy program becoming a Registered Massage therapist with the Natural Health Practitioners of Canada. 


As a retired post-secondary and professional athlete, in her 9th year of post-secondary coaching, Janelle is continuing to influence the volleyball world by assistant coaching for the University of Alberta Pandas and head coaching the 18U pandas volleyball club. 


Janelle specializes in working with athletes for pre/post massage therapy as well as restorative massage. She is also skilled in relaxation massage, deep tissue massage, trigger-point therapy, orthopedic massage, myofascial and active release, pre and post natal massage.  Janelle has a lot to offer her clients with her hands on skills, as well as her general health awareness and knowledge that she has acquired with her years in the elite level athletics community.