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shockwave Therapy 





ShockWave Therapy and TheraLase Laser Therapy



We are excited to announce that we now are offering radial shockwave treatments. Radial shock wave is a state of the art treatment designed to treat chronic soft tissue pain in your heels, feet, knees, elbows and shoulders. It is based on the same technology that was developed to break up kidney stones.

Radial shockwave often succeeds in cases of chronic conditions involving scar tissue, adhesions, calcified tendons, fasciitis, tendonosis etc, when all other forms of treatment have failed. Typically a patient requires only one treatment per week for 3-4 weeks to achieve results.

Watch the videos below and then contact our office for a consultation to see if radial shockwave is the answer to your pain.

Plantar fasciitis
Shoulder pain
Patellar/knee pain




TheraLase Laser


We are also excited to announce the addition of the Theralase laser to our available treatments.

Theralase is a state of the art therapeutic laser used by many professional sports teams, top sports medicine and even by top veterinarian clinics worldwide.

Theralase is a proven medical device that safely and effectively stimulates faster healing and relieves pain and inflammation. It provides extremely quick results for fresh sprains, strains and swelling, but also is effective for certain forms of arthritis.

Watch the video below for a brief view of how Theralase helps the healing process.

Theralase Video
Theralase Website