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Why Chiropractic? ... For Pregnancy


Why Chiropractic? ... For Sports Injury


Why Chiropractic? ... For You and Your Family



 Why Chiropractic?   ... For Pregnancy



  1. If there is ever a time you want a drug free approach to health care it is while you are carrying the most precious gift – your child.
  2. Back pain is one of the most common complaints during pregnancy and labor. Research shows that chiropractic is extremely effective for safely and gently reducing the back pain of pregnancy.
  3. Reducing the back pain that occurs during delivery.  Research shows that chiropractic care can significantly reduce the back pain of labor
  4. Shorten delivery times.  Preliminary research shows that chiropractic care can reduce the length of labor by 24% in the first pregnancy and by up to 39% in later pregnancies.
  5. To prevent future problems.  Did you know that 50% of all women who have chronic back pain developed it after pregnancy? Your back and pelvis changes shape while pregnant. During delivery your pelvis must open up for the baby to come out and treating it as soon as possible can help normalize alignment and motion. Chiropractic care during your pregnancy and very importantly soon after delivery reduces the risk of future back pain.
  6. Your chiropractor can be a great source of reliable health information for you and your family.  Questions such as how much folic acid should I take to prevent birth defect? How much vitamin D should my child and I take for optimum health? What nutrient can I take to reduce my risk of post-partum depression? What can I do to prevent leg cramps? These can all be answered by your chiropractor?  As your child grows we can provide you with information on normal growth i.e. when is toe in/toe out normal? What are current medical guidelines for ear ache/otitis media? What are the best postural exercises for my child?


Why Chiropractic?   ... For Sports Injuries



  1. Injury prevention.  When your body is aligned, flexible and your muscles are in balance you are less likely to get hurt.  A 2008 study on Australian Rules football players showed a 30% reduction in hamstring injuries with regular chiropractic care.
  2. Performance improvement.  We can target areas of stiffness, restricted motion and help devise rehab exercises to maximize your abilities.  Getting adjusted pre-competition ensures you feel stronger, faster and more relaxed.  You deserve the same care that elite athletes receive. Usain Bolt, the fastest man in the world, and winner of the 100m and 200m events at the London Olympics, was balanced by his chiropractor, Dr. Douglas, right before each event.
  3. Quicker recovery from injuries.  By treating the whole kinetic chain and not just the injured site your recovery is faster and more complete.  We use state of the art joint adjustments and mobilizations, soft tissue therapies including ART (Active Release developed by a Colorado Chiropractor),Graston, massage therapy, ultrasound, laser, electrotherapies, athletic and Kinesiotaping (developed by a Japanese Chiropractor) to devise a complete recovery plan.
  4. Faster access to care.  The sooner you start treatment the sooner you start your recovery.  We can usually begin emergency care immediately and if needed send you for x-rays or ultrasound examinations without the long waits at walk-in medical clinics.
  5. Patient Satisfaction.  Chiropractic patients report high satisfaction with their care.  The 2009 Consumer Reports rated chiropractic as having the highest satisfaction rating for treatment of back pain.
  6. Long Term Health Strategies.  From designing custom treatment and exercise programs, fitting custom orthotics, and providing nutritional recommendations for optimal performance; we will work to keep you in the game for the long haul. Our oldest patient treated at the clinic was 96 years young!


Why Chiropractic?   ... For You and Your Family



  1. Because today’s patient wants quick effective relief. They want safe, non-drug treatments and information on exercises and lifestyle advice to stay healthy.  The 2009 Consumer’s Report stated that chiropractic had the highest satisfaction rating for the treatment of back pain.
  2. Because we can get you into our clinic quickly, assess your condition and start treatment right away.  If you need x-rays or referral elsewhere we can arrange that for you.
  3. Because we treat a wide-variety of conditions including: neck and back pain, migraines and headaches, sports injuries, whiplash, TMJ disorders, rotator cuff and other shoulder injuries, tennis elbow, carpal tunnel syndrome, hip and knee problems, and plantar fascitis.
  4. Because our clinic offers a wide variety of treatment options.  We utilize numerous types of chiropractic adjusting techniques. We offer soft tissue therapies such as ART (Active Release), Graston and massage. We have a wide range of modalities including ultrasound, laser, electrotherapies (IFC, Tens etc.). We also can provide a computerized gait scan and evaluation to see if you would benefit from foot orthotics.
  5. Because with less pain, more mobility and better posture – you can be a better you.